Hepworth, Soulages and the ‘tachist bug’


The sculptor Barbara Hepworth (1903-75) and the painter Pierre Soulages (b. 1919) were friends and artists who shared an interest in Tachisme. Hepworth was drawn towards the art movement in the latter half of her career, whilst for Soulages it has proven to be a lifelong preoccupation.

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William Scott: An Orchard of Pears


William Scott is an artist for whom the particular carries a special significance. It is not just his ability to capture the essential qualities of the subject, but his facility to make that subject speak to us beyond its known parameters that makes his work so satisfying and continually interesting.

As a genre, still life was important to Scott from his earliest days, and indeed some of his most acclaimed work throughout his long painting career conjures complex and fasci…

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Percy Lund Humphries, Bradford and Modernism


Article by Tom Steele. The Bradford printing firm of Percy Lund Humphries became one of the leading publishers and printers of books of and about contemporary art in the twentieth century.

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Alan Davie, in the Making


Article by Sarah Mate. Regarded by many as Scotland’s most respected painter of the post -war period, Alan Davie was an artist known and revered by his American contemporaries. The artist is also cited as being a major influence on the work of David Hockney.

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Diamond, An Important 1929 Ben Nicholson


Article by James Rawlin.
Whenever we look over a particular period of a historical artist's work, it is impossible to do this without the benefit of hindsight.

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Exclusive Article: Turnbull Blade Venus 4


James Rawlin, former Sotheby's Head of Modern and Post-war British Art writes an exclusive article for David Wade about 'Blade Venus 4', William Turnbull.

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An important L. S. Lowry self portrait


James Rawlin, former Sotheby's Head of Modern and Post-war British Art, and noted authority on the works of LS Lowry writes for David Wade about a rare self portrait ' A Visit to Burton­-on-Trent'.

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A Greater Freedom: Hepworth


Only a few weeks remain to see exhibition: 'A Greater Freedom' at The Hepworth Wakefield, Yorkshire. This follows the artistic developments in Barbara Hepworth’s later years, focusing on the last decade of the sculptor’s life from 1965 – 75.

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Gainsborough in Melbourne


In 1783 Thomas Gainsborough exhibited one of his few seascapes at the Royal Academy. During the exhibition a young Edward Francis Burney, took detailed sketches of many of the exhibits including the seascape.

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The Ingram Collection


The Ingram Collection is acknowledged to be one of the best private collections of modern British art in the world. It belongs to Chris Ingram, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, who started collecting in 2002.

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Once In A Lifetime


'Jheronimus Bosch - Visions of a Genius' will run at Het Noordbrabants Museum until the 8th May 2016. Dozens of works by the master from 's-Hertogenbosch will return to the city they were created in 500 years ago for the largest retrospective ever.

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