Paul Feiler (1918 - 2013) Acquired on behalf of a private collector

David Wade Fine Art

David Wade Fine Art is a leading independent art advisory firm which is based in the North of England. Since 2002 they have been guiding clients through every sector of the art market, enabling them to buy and sell art with absolute confidence.
“David is an exceptionally conscientious and diligent professional. When he was asked to assist in the building of a new collection, he threw himself into the task with gusto…as well as a critical eye born of integrity. We have been truly delighted with our acquisitions as well as the interaction with David that accompanied them.”
Thomas Kaplan New York City
“It has been a pleasure to buy paintings from David Wade and with his advice, he has immense experience of the Old Masters and British markets, has unusual reserves of knowledge about them and is willing to make that knowledge available to his clients.”
William Schupbach Wellcome Library, The Wellcome Trust, London